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film noir

If there is one thing that I love about the world of movie making, is that it keeps up with the happening of the world, it has always been like that and hopefully it will always be like that. Movie makers assess the state of the world an always try to give the consumer something to escape reality with or something to relate reality to, it happened like that also with the beginning of film noir. The world was in turmoil and the movie world needed to entertain without condescension, during and after WWII the world was broken and not only the buildings and streets that needed reconstruction and it wasn’t just the physical state of the people that needed mending but also their spirits.

I’m pretty sure that the movie makers themselves had ghost that would not let them be and an outlet was needed, and the outlet became film noir.

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Way overdue introductions

I am  student and I have created this space so I can share about what I get from waking up in the morning and going to campus, this includes what I learn, the different people I interact with and the experiences I get. I am studying photography so my posts will have everything to do with media production, visual communication (history of photography and motion) and because I take Professional Practice I will also have rants about business.