business venture

being a varsity student is hard, there’s so much pressure and fear for the future; you worry about fitting in, about making it in the big world and about passing your course but the one thing that complicates the life of a student is money, you have no money and you cannot move. money is the line between going out with friends or staying in, its the line between buying those boots you saw or not, the line between ordering take aways or having to cook in a filthy kitchen at Patzoo. so one needs to have a job and you cant just pick any, because the minute you choose sweeping the street people start looking at you like you kill kittens and puppies for a living. so my choices were to sell Avon, Presles or Tupperware and i just couldn’t deal with that so i thought i would try something that the student want and would buy and no that is not crack although it is something they need to get through varsity

Business venture proposal

After studying my classmates; looking at their choice of clothing, choice of accessories, their attitude and the blogs they visit mostly I realized that they wanted to be different or rather a group they have a style that is different and rare in the campus and as a result it is difficult for them to find pieces of clothing or jewelry that goes well with their style. And in this I saw a business opportunity and I want to open a business to cater to their needs, where I will sell handmade jewelry and accessories.

The people that I want to sell my product to are mostly young people between the age of eighteen and twenty nine, people that are into grunge and bohemian style. People that will wear are people do not mind having people look at them. There will be statement pieces and also more subtle ones. People that are into grunge and bohemian style are peopling that like to stand out and be seen as different.

I ill design the jewelry and accessories myself because I have an understanding of this style. I personally love bohemian fashion and I’m passionate about it.

I have studied the market and I saw that there is a big gap, the product I want to sell s in demand. I see people traveling from town to town searching for pieces that are unique and also I have noticed that the people that I’m targeting for my product ignore the big chain stores because hat you get there become some sort of “uniform” and they want exclusive and that is what I want to give them.

I know that this idea is viable and has potential to grow into a jewelry line.

To make the product I will need supplies and help.

3    5

The equipment I will need to make the product I can get from Pick ‘n Pay Hyper and the material I will get from a DIY shop, CREATIVITY. I will hire one person to help me make it.

I will be managing everything; the suppliers, the money, the production, the client, marketing and the trading.  I’ll have to open a bank account for the business because I will need the business money separated from what I can spend for personal things. To keep record of the money I will use invoices and ledger book. To keep the business I will pay myself a salary just as I will be doing with my employee, this I will do because I don’t ant to take all the profits or myself. The business ill only operate with upfront payments. No lay-byes, credits or tab will be open for customers. At the beginning the business ill not be paying tax as it would have not reached the bracket.

The only advertisement my business will have will be online, via a blog. Where there will be images of the product and the will be image suggestion showing how you can put it together with your clothes. And also people will know about it through word of mouth


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